SPSF, Sudan

Establishment year:  2012

Number of members the Member Organization represent:  10000

Student Exchange Programme:

Sudan is considered one of the countries that have a special geographic position  which leads to variations in climate and produce,in terms of space and the spectacular landscapes and variations in wild life.

Also Sudan was a place for old civilizations that is  seen clearly in Albigrawia  pyramids that gives the country an interesting site for Tourists and visitors.

On the other hand we see the Nile as one of the points of interests that runs through the country which gives the country amazing views.

Sudan is well known for diversity in plants and herbal wealth with the aid of modern techniques this precious source can be used to make remedies and medicines and also gives beautiful and healthy environment.

SEP with SPSF Sudan is the greatest experience you can try as SPSF will offer you the great chance to enrich your scientific information, try special tour in the attractive cities and meet new people with different cultures. 

All the training period will be in Khartoum , but the trip program will take place to visit other cities mainly Port Sudan and west part of sudan.