PSF NNU, Palestine

Establishment year:  2014

Number of members the Member Organization represent:  300

Student Exchange Programme:

Palestine is one of a kind , because it involves many different historical places , apart from the fact that it‘s the holy land which makes people connected to it in a way or another .

SEP in Palestine involves practicing at community pharmacy ,clinical pharmacy and visiting different drug factories and companies . It also involves taking lectures about different topics in order for the students to learn new things and benefit from their experience as much as possible , they will also have the chance to work in research and Laboratory projects. 

We also take into consideration the fun part , in which students can learn more about the country itself and enjoy their stay . They will get the chance to visit the oldest city in Palestine – Jericho , they will also visit very well known beautiful places like Akko , Jaffa , Dead Sea , Nablus , Jerusalem , Bethlehem , Sebastia , Jenin and many others.

They will also taste our traditional plates like Kunafeh , Maklube , Mansaf and many others , as well as enjoy our traditional dancing -show, Dabke. 

The SEP in Palestine takes place in Winter and Summer . Winter – January and February , while Summer SEP July , August.