PSF NNU, Palestine

Establishment year:  2012

Number of members the Member Organization represent:  360

Student Exchange Programme:

This Old City of Jerusalem might be small, but it has some of the oldest stories in the world to tell. Strolling through the walled town marked by seven strong gates and 37 towers is nothing short of enchanting, particularly at night when street lamps softly illuminate the narrow stone passageways and the golden glow of Temple Mount’s dome shines steadily in the distance.

This spirited dance is traditionally preformed during happy occasions like weddings or festivals. Dabke (which means “stamping of the feet” in Arabic) has some variations, but choreography typically sees a group perform a high-energy combination of circle and line dancing, complete with plenty of half kicks and twirls.

You’ll find some of the best traditional dishes which are influenced by both Mediterranian and Middle Eastern cuisine, and sweet Levantine treats like knafeh. Also known as konafa, this fried cheese dessert sees goat cheese covered with shredded wheat and sugary syrup, topped with crushed pistachios, then deep-fried in a giant, circular pan. In the bustling markets visitors can find some of the most popular food in Palestine, stock up on olive oil and dates, or head over to the Break Spice Shop which has just about every spice imaginable as well as beauty products made from olive oil.