IPST, Iraq

Establishment year:  2011

Number of members the Member Organization represent:  850

Student Exchange Programme:

Iraq can offer several historical tourist destinations, including: the ruins of Babylon, Ziggurats (terraced pyramid temples erected during Ancient Mesopotamia), the Abbasid Palace in Baghdad, the Kirkuk Citadel (a city located in Iraqi Kurdistan, established around 880 BC).

Iraq possesses a wide portfolio of museums and galleries, such as: the Slemani Museum (Babylonian artefacts), the Kurdish textile museum, the Iraq museum in Baghdad, the Amna Suraka museum.

Iraq has a varied landscape, which ranges from the Mesopotamian alluvial plain to the Zagros mountain range and part of the Syrian Desert. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers run through the centre of Iraq, and flow from the northwest to the southeast. Another tourist attraction is the Sami Abdulrahman Park in Iraqi Kurdistan, an oasis sprawling over an area of 200 hectares. 

Outdoor attractions and activities include the Al Zawra Zoo and Amusement Park in Baghdad, the Chavi Land Park in Sulaymaniyah and the Sami Abdul-Rahman Park in Erbil.