IPhSA, Iran

Establishment year:  2008

Number of members the Member Organization represent:  5000

Student Exchange Programme:

We usually accept exchange students during July. However, in some cases placements would be available during September too.

During our summer SEP social events like get together party, cultural night, weekend tour and trip to famous cities of Iran are going to take place.

Since students are going to spend a lot of their visiting time in Tehran, it would be very disappointing if the famous, historical and recreational places in the capital city of Iran are not introduced. Therefore, the following information is about some touristic sites in Tehran:

  • Tajrish Bazaar: One of the main Bazaars of Tehran is Tajrish Bazaar is located in Tajrish Square. It is a covert bazaar with a history of more than 150 years which is one of the many tourist attractions of Tehran. Walking down its lanes, the smell of delicious edibles and various spices bring you in, and you will find yourself surrounded by colorful stores selling rare and traditional fruits and herbs, and traditional apparel and costumes.
  • National Jewelry Museum: This museum is owned by the Central Bank. You can see astounding range of priceless gems and precious metals which once were belongings of Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs. Star pieces include the Globe of Jewels and the Peacock Throne.
  • Ghazali Cinema Town:  You may be surprised if you know that the films and series about the events taking place in the past century in Tehran, were not filmed in downtown Tehran. That’s right; Ghazzali Cinema Town is a recreation of old Tehran open to the public where you can go back in time to a Tehran with fewer vehicles and experience walking in the old-fashion style streets of Tehran.
  • Golestan Palace: On your visit to Golestan Palace, you will get familiar with spectacular architecture and history of Qajar era. There are nine different sections but in case of lack of time, places worth visiting the most are the Main Halls which includes the spectacular Mirror Hall and the Negar Khaneh (Iranian Painting Gallery).