• Face to Face Meeting:

Every year, IPSF-EMRO RWG holds a Face to Face meeting to ensure a maximum engagement of member organizations in our operational work as well as activities preparation, it’s a magnificent opportunity for members to be in direct contact with RWG, gain experience, get more involved, and grow as individuals.

The meeting consists of a private “RWG only sessions” to discuss specific regional agenda items. Also workshops that are conducted as a meeting side event for the host association’s members.


  • Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS):

The Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS) is the annual gathering of all pharmacy students in the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office.This is the biggest gathering of EMRO and pharmacy students and recent graduates come from MENA region to participate in different projects and activities such as LIT (Leaders In Training), PCE (Patient Counseling Event), Workshops, Research Projects, and Public Health campaigns.

So far EMPS has been hosted by JPSA (2010), QPhUS (2011), FPSA (2012), ATEP (2014), EPSF (2016), KPSS (2017) and JPSA (2018).

The Next EMPS will be the 8th EMPS and it will be hosted by ASPSA, Egypt. We encourage every member to plan and participate in the upcoming Symposium. Hope to see you all there.


  • World Congress:

World Congress is the biggest and the most important gathering of pharmacy students along the year. Every year during ten days, hundreds of students and recent graduates from all over the world get together to participate in several different activities like; Leaders in Training, Symposia, Workshops, Public Health Campaigns and to discuss the past, the present and the future of the Federation.

This year’s World Congress will be the 66th and will be taking place in South Korea, 2021.